Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Said What?

feel sort of compelled to 'weigh-in' on the 'Mel Gibson issue.' I personally don't think this is that big a story, but since it is being blown out of proportion, I feel a desire to join in.

I have, in the past enjoyed, many of the movies that Mr. Gibson has made. I also feel that he is a much more talented director than he is as an actor. My wife and I were discussing the issue in passing the other night as we were getting ready to go to sleep and I said that I felt that many of Mr. Gibson's roles were nothing more than Mad Max in different situations. I will say that there are some that aren't. ( Man in the Mirror, and What Women Want come to mind immediately.)

I find the thoughts/statements of Mr. Gibson to be rather disgusting, but after hearing on several occasions the ideas of Mr. Gibson's father I am hardly surprised that he made the statements that he made. I also don't accept Mr. Gibson's 'apology' as being all that genuine. I think that I would actually respect him more if he admitted that that was how he felt rather than putting out prepared statements to apologize.

Okay that is out of my system. Now back to other topics


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