Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman, Lebanon and Lesbians

To start from the end, I really don't have anything to say about lesbians, I just thought it rounded out the title rather well.
Lebanon:  It was announced the other day that Lebanon wanted to deploy 15,000 troops in southern Lebanon after the withdrawal of Israeli troops.  While this is nice it really is a better late than never sort of thing.  If they had done this even a year ago, perhaps their country wouldn't be a smoking ruin in the southern third.
Lieberman:  I really wanted to make these comments before the election the other day.  I am getting  a little tired of Democrats who disagree with an individual who is a Democrat saying they are not Democratic enough.  I don't necessarily agree with every thing Joe does, but I am closer in line to what he has to say then some of the people on the far left of the party.  Unfortunately a large number of people so hate the Unitary Executive that they reject anyone who may agree with him on even one thing.  (All right, I know it is the Iraq stance.  But is it really necessary to say he is no different than the Republicans.)


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