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Jews, Jesus, and Jackie Mason

The following is a part of an article from CNN today.
I have made my comments with in the body.

Founded in the 1970s, Jews for Jesus practices Judaism but regards Jesus as the Messiah.  Was this written by the Jews for Jesus?  Let's be honest here, if you believe Jesus was the Messiah, you are a Christian.  You stop 'practicing' Judaism at that point.   It is sort of hard to say I am a Jew, but I believe that Jesus was the son of G-D and the Messiah.  They aren't compatible, unless of course I have missed something.

The pamphlets feature an image of Mason next to the words "Jackie Mason ... A Jew for Jesus!?" with information inside that outlines the similarities between Jews and Christians.   Okay, Jews and Christians are similar.  Is there any need to mention Jackie Mason, or have an image of him.   There is a logical reason that they are similar, not having seen the pamphlet I can't say if they discuss that, but the reason is there.

"The pamphlet uses my name, my likeness, my 'shtick' (if you will), and my very act, which is derived from my personality, to attract attention and converts," Mason said in an affidavit.   I don't always agree with Jackie, but I have to say, I would be quite offended myself if somebody was using me to 'attract attention and converts.'   The Messianic 'Jewish' movements have been using bait and switch tactics on people with out a strong Jewish identity or education for years.  This just seems to follow in that path.

Susan Perlman, a spokeswoman for Jews for Jesus, said the pamphlet was "good-natured."  Ms. Perlman is likely to be a convert.  But that isn't a reason to dislike her reference to the pamphlet as 'good-natured,' the reason is that it is a lie.   Like many other things that the Messianic 'Jewish' movements do to attract converts, the pamphlet is intentionally deceptive.  Make no mistake on this, they knew exactly what they were doing when the pamphlet was put together and how it would/could be perceived.


One final note, these types of 'campaigns' and marketing ideas get more insidious every year, because the groups need to find new ways to 'get inside' peoples heads and attract attention.   As my wife always says about Jews for Jesus, neither side claims them many Christian groups don't see them as Christians, and no legitimate Jewish group sees them as Jewish.   Basically these are people who are trying to have their cake and eat it, too.


did you hear the latest on the PM? what are your thoughts? i feel as if he should be allowed to rest.
I also wondered about you thoughts on the recent emmy awards, do you watch 24? Great show.
What do you think about black people/African-Americans who claimed to be Jews? I saw one today with a yamika on at the grocery store. I felt very uncomfortable around him.
Everyone knows Jackie Mason is a washed up looser.
why do you bother commenting on such B.S. ? There are so many more important thing to "report" on.

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piece out!
why are there so many idiots out here? so rood.
I just want to say that I'm really really sorry. Really.

Jackie Mason Charges Against Jews For Jesus Denied By U.S. District Court

A decision by U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman was reached today in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York denying a preliminary injunction to Mr. Jackie Mason who sought to stop the distribution of one of the Jews for Jesus gospel pamphlets, entitled, "Jackie Mason, A Jew for Jesus?!"

In the eleven-page finding the Judge ruled that the pamphlet was protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Religious pamphlets with pop culture themes like the Mason one have been freely distributed by the organization for over 34 years and while this is a small win for Jews for Jesus, it is a big victory for gospel protected speech.

Judge Berman also addressed the two other contentions in the Mason injunction and could not find merit in them, ruling that a reader of the pamphlet could reasonably see that Jews for Jesus was not asserting that Jackie Mason was a Jew for Jesus and that the Jews for Jesus did not look to gain any commercial benefit from the pamphlet.

David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, said ‚"We never intended to hurt Jackie Mason's feelings. To many of us Jews for Jesus, Jackie Mason is an icon who reminds us of our Yiddish-speaking grandfathers. We appreciate his good-natured humor. We thought that he would appreciate ours and were surprised by this lawsuit. Nevertheless we felt we had to defend ourselves and are gratified by the court's decision upholding our 1st amendment rights. It is our hope that this can now be ended amicably." A further court date is scheduled for November 16th.

Thank you for your update. Now that a decision has been rendered I will try to locate it and read it. Then we can see what will happen on the 16 of November.
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