Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel V. Terrorists

Israeli civilians are killed by the intent of Hezbu-Allah.  And the world barely notices.
Lebanese civilian are killed by the intent of Hezbu-Allah.  And the world is in an up-roar.  I regret the loss of life of the women, children, and elderly (as that is all the media keeps reporting on) that were killed in the Qana attack, but how much of the fault is the IDF's and how is Hezbu-Allah?  For this I don't have an answer, but I do have an opinion.  My opinion is that it is probably an equal blame, if Hezbu-Allah was not hiding the rocket-launch platforms in civilian areas, I doubt that the people of Qana would be dead.
Along the same lines, Hamas hides in civilian areas and the world decries the deaths of the civilian Palestinians.
I know that these groups are hiding in civilian areas for two reasons.  1. They do not have the man power or weapons strength to take on the Israeli military 'head-on.'  2.  They are playing a propaganda/numbers game, they hope that when the Israeli military responds that a large number of civilian casualties will occur.  They do this because it plays better in the media and with other governments to have a large number of civilian casualties.  They also know that because they are using a much less accurate attack system that their own casualty counts will be much lower.  They compensate for this by stuffing large amounts of intentional 'shrapnel' around the explosive heads.  With all of that being true, it appears that most governments and a large portion of the media will tell us that it is all Israel's fault.
I don't really know how to dispell this stupid situation, but I do know that it won't change until either Israel is gone, or those Arabs/Muslims who lust after the blood of others are gone.


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