Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Hate Camping

Okay, why this subject?  I recently spent an 'extended' weekend camping with my wife, her sister and her sister's family (husband and 2 kids).
I love the people we were with, which may make it the only thing about camping I like.  It has become an annual 'adventure' to go camping with the family.
Over the last several camping trips the following has happened.
1.  I ended up in the hospital with a Crohn's episode.
2.  We had an invasion of adorable skunks.
3.  We had the police called to an nearby campsite to breakup an altercation between drunk people, one of whom broke out the window of one of the vehicles during the altercation.
And finally this year:
4.  A spider-to-human ratio that was something well over 20-to-1.  ( I hate spiders, anything with more than four legs is, by definition, evil as far as I am concerned.)
5  We purchased a new tent (Okay it was at Wal-Mart, but that was the only place available) because of 'packing issues.'  The last night of camping had a rainstorm, and naturally the tent developed puddles. 
The new tent was bigger than our old tent and was bigger than my sister-in-law's tent so this is where the family gathered to 'ride out the storm.'  Let's just say we all ended up sleeping in a much smaller tent.
Now I have jokingly told my wife for years that Jew's don't camp, we spent 40 years camping centuries ago and we only camp now in Jerusalem during Sukkot.  For some reason she does't seem to buy this and continues to force me to camp year after year.  As such I have decided to become a camping maven.  I am going to 'boldly go' where I have dreaded going for years. 
Oh well, that is what marriage is for, to force men to do things we don't want to do or enjoy just to keep our wives happy.  Well off to study for the Audit portion of the CPA exam.  (I hate auditing, but that is an entirely different subject on which to rant some time.)


your postings seem so sparatic. i hope all is well.
camping has always been scary to me. props to you, you're wife is very lucky to have you.
in her vag.
you are all very shallow and immature individules. you should be ashamed of yourselfs.
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