Monday, July 17, 2006

Some General Thoughts

As I haven't been around much here are some thoughts to kind of get myself back in to the swing of commenting.
1.  I find the fact that the President used language that is 'inappropriate' with his public profession of Christian faith to be rather amusing.  I also find that the media making a hugh deal of it to be a rather silly thing as well.
2.  I find the fact that the Administration continues to have leaks revealing new and exciting ways in which they are violating our constitutionally protected rights to both rather amusing (in terms of the fact that the leaks continue to occur) and disturbing (in that the violations continue period.)
3.  Israel:
      a:  I am keeping all in my thoughts and prayers.  I find the situation to be very anxiety inducing.
      b:  My instinct is the only way to remove Hezbu-Allah as a threat in Southern Lebanon is to have ground troops go over the border and remove them in ground fighting.  The same instinct tells me that Syria will probably come back in to Lebanon if that occurs.
      c:  The sooner the surrounding Arab countries come to grips with Israel's existance and acknowledge her right to exist, the sooner the Palestinians extremist groups will come to grips witht the same.
      d:  The sooner the surrounding Arab countries come to grips with Israel's existance the sooner Iran will become an isolated anacronism.  Of course I don't expect that to happen anytime in the next 1000 yrs or so, so I guess we have time to get used to the situation.
      e:  I am hoping a resolution to the situation will occur rapidly.  I am have a feeling I will be hoping that for another week or two.


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