Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Condi and Hugo, Among Other Things

Secretary Rice is in the 'Middle East' making an appearance but doesn't seem to be accomplishing much.  I wonder if her trip was to accomplish anything or if she was basically interested in just making the appearance.  I would most definitely like to see a cease fire in the situation, but I really don't think going over and telling people that they need to do this or that before they are subject to a cease fire is a little ridiculous.
On a marginally related note:  While I was out getting my lovely lunch today I briefly listened to Rush.  While I don't agree with much he says, I was frightened to realize I agreed with what he was saying about Israel.  Or more to the point, that Israel is 'winning' the real war even if they are losing the PR war.  (Maybe I was just delirious or something.)
Hugo Chavez was in Belarus today and he and the 'President' of Belarus announced that they came to a strategic alliance to stand up to the march of dictatorships in the world.  I am not sure whether the man is sane or not, but you have to admit, even he sees that the Unitary Executive is leaning toward becoming a dictator.  I am not really sure what the two countries can possibly do to help each other, but it generally a bad sign when tier two and tier three nations are threatening you.
I have heard a number of explanations on why Hezbu-Allah chose this moment to make the snatch and grab on the Israeli soldiers.  I discussed my position yesterday to some extent.  But I am wondering rather seriously whether Iran is feeling frisky because the US is so obviously bogged down in Iraq.  (Not that I think that Iran would have thing to do with that.)  It also explains the attitude of Kim Jung Il in North Korea.
The ABA has come out against the signing statements that the Unitary Executive has been adding to many of the bills that he has signed.  My understanding of what a signing statement is, is rather . . . confused.  But it seems, from what I have heard, that the Unitary Executive has been adding his notes to many of the bills he signs saying basically, I will ignore this, or I see this this way, even if that is not the intent of the legislature.  In the wake of this, Arlen Spector has decided to exert himself and say that he feels the President has overstepped his authority.
In Ohio there have been two polls released in two days on the Governor's race. One should the Democratic Candidate up by 20 points the other showed him up by 6 points.  I think the 14 point difference in polls is rather interesting.  I also heard someone basically explaining why the Columbus Dispatch poll was wrong. (the 20 point lead)  Oddly, the 20 point lead is the margin I have been hearing all summer.  (Frankly, the Republican candidate Ken Blackwell gives me the creeps when ever I hear him talk.)
Wife is not feeling quite as well as yesterday, but she still is feeling better.  We are seeing her doctor tomorrow, and then she will be talking to her boss about what work she will or won't be doing after tomorrow.  (She only has a limited window to do work, August 4 she is having Carpal Tunnel surgery and she was going to be off for 4 weeks anyway.)
Well I think I have babbled far more than I intended so I will just say, have a good one, and I will try to be back tomorrow.

Glad to see you are back online. Hope your wife is feeling better.

As I have stated elsewhere my wife is feeling much better. It is good to see that you are still stopping by. I hope to get some more things going up, perhaps not as many as today, but I would like to do far more.
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