Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Minimum Wage

While I don't think the Democrats are doing everything correctly, they do seem to be putting the playing the election year politics game better this time than they had recenlty.
I like that they proposed a minimum wage increase, even though it was unlikely to pass.  The Republicans have gotten good at this kind of masterbatory politics.  The whole thing with the Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage, the Flag Burning Amendment, the non-binding resolution that basically said "We will win the War On Terror.
The Democratic proposal to strategically withdraw the troops from Iraq and the Minimum wage are both good political moves.  It is about time that they start to push some issues instead of standing around and wringing their hands saying, "Oh we can't do anything." 

You shouldn't even be earning middle wage with your shitty spelling and the way you fuck around on the internet in the middle of the day.
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