Friday, May 12, 2006

What Is Their Problem?

I am becoming convinced that the Bush Administration main problem isn't that they are knowingly violating our Constitutional protections, but that they just don't understand what the our Constitutional protections ARE
I just can not accept that the number of people involved with this Administration that are included in the Domestic Spying situations are knowingly violating the Constitution.  I am also being to wonder how many of them actually paid attention in their high school civics classes.  After all even a rudimentary understanding of the Constitution should be enough to understand that any type of phone monitoring that doesn't involve a court order should be considered a violation of Constitutionally protected rights.
Though I haven't taken any action as yet, and need to discuss the situation with my wife, I am likely to look to changing phone companies.  I really have a problem with someone I am paying for a service is just turning over information, with out a court order, to the government.  This Administration and Big Business have been cozy from the beginning.  I am not necessarily opposed to that, but I am upset about the way the coziness is being exploited by the government.
The other thing about this that has really been bothering me is that for some reason the Unitary Executive seems to think that the problem with this situation isn't that he is breaking the law (After all if he had a problem with that he wouldn't be doing it.) but other people are going public with his violation of the law when they can no longer abide by it.  Perhaps if he would just stop violating the law, the 'leaks' of the illegal methods being used by the NSA and others would stop also.  Apparently members of this Administration have missed the part of the founding of this country's laws that pre-supposes that everyone is subject to the law. (Or at least that no one is truly above the law.) 
I understand that there will always be ways to take advantage of the law as it exists. (After all, Part of what I do for a living is finding ways to take advantage of 'quirks' in the law to minimize the taxes of multi-state corporations.)  I also understand that people who can get the best lawyers may be able to take the best advantage of the law, I am not completely sure that is a problem.  But htis country is not about having a dictator/king at the top of the food chain that can do what ever he wishes.  I could actually see this Administration trying to justify why the 2008 elections need to be delayed a few years, and how this would be Constitutional in a 'Time of War.'
If I were not eating lunch right now I would let out a really loud scream, that would probably help a little.
Well I have that issues partially off my chest.  I will be going now, but have a happy Shabbat, and I will be back next week with more babbling about the current state of affairs.

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did you watch tv on 5/15 to hear the president discuss his plans for aliens? What are your thoughts on that?

On your lawer comment & $$$ --- where is O.J. ?

Hope you enjoyed your lunch w/out screaming.
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