Thursday, May 18, 2006

An Answer To Ezra

Ezra made a request for my feelings on Jr's primetime speech on immigration.

The first thing I have to say is that I really think this is a really low-level issues as I have indicated before. I really think that the solution is an some form of citizenship program, and in addition that a guest worker program be put in place. (Actually something that I agree with Jr on.) The other thing that I think needs done is that we need to change our economic policies toward Central and South America. By improving the economies of the countries that many of the illegal immigrants are coming from, it will slow the tide if not stop it completely.

As for what I actually thought of the President's speech itself. I thought it was a decent, if not completely predictable, speech. He didn't say anything in it new. And he had a line that basically came down to - the National Guard troops will step down as the new border guards stand up. It sorted of seemed to be a reworked Iraq speech. Beyond that, I really didn't have a strong feeling for the speech one way or the other. (Well I thought the timing sucked, it pushed '24' back 20 minutes.)

I agree the timing as usual is horrible. Why agravate everyone by delaying the prime time shows they would rather watch. I would rather watch paint dry then him any day.

I know you are a movie buff, will you go and see the DaVinci Code? What do you think of all the religious hipe?

Have a great weekend.
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