Friday, April 28, 2006

Does Bush Never Learn?

I am really confused by the inability of the 'War President' who claims to be securing this country against foreign attacks in ability to grasp that parts of this countries military and security apparatus should not be controlled by foreign entities.  As with Dubai Ports World, I was not aware that a major defense contractor was a British company, but I certainly don't like the idea.  I find it very odd though that we would allow any foreign government take control of any part of our military and security production.  First the Unitary Executive wanted to transfer port operations to a foreign government and didn't seem to think this was a problem.  Now he doesn't see any problem with the transfer of several defense contractors that were previously owned by a British company to a Dubai government owned company. 
To make this clear, I am not opposed to this deal because the ownership is by a Muslim nation, I am opposed because I think that there are certain assets that should be controlled by a nation, and one of those are those industries that are vital to the defense and security of the country.

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