Thursday, March 30, 2006

This Is Not The Post I Promised

Okay, I lied. Not really, I just really haven't completely worked out how I want to address the issue of what I see as the biggest problem with the American Jewish community. It really is an issue of what exactly I want to say to make my point. I have the ideas, I just can't seem to get them to translate out well. I will again soon.

That having been said, there are a few things I would like to address.

I found the out come of the Israeli elections to be rather interesting. I was rather surprised by the poor showing of Likud, but also by Kadimah. (I suppose Kadimah would have done much better if Ariel were not in a coma, and were going to be running the country.) I think the most interesting thing about the elections though are that they show that a lot of Israeli's really don't see much leadership right now. with a (I believe) 68% eligible voter turn out, it seems that the average Israeli either sees no one to vote for, or no difference in the choices they have. Sadly, this may be the most 'democratic' thing about the election based on the American model.

Another thing I would like to address is the young American reporter (whose name I believe is Jill, sorry don't have a lot of resource time tonight) who was released today. My feeling here is that it really isn't all that surprising, and I think it says quite a bit about the people who where holding her prisoner. They may be the most honest religiously of the numerous people in Iraq taking people prisoner. By her own words she was well treated, well fed and had access to the 'civilized' comforts that one would expect. I was expecting that she would be released at somepoint, I really found it hard to believe that they would really kill an innocent woman. (Thank, HaShem I was proven correct.) I can't say why I had the feeling she was going to be okay, I just always sort of felt that she would.

Why have Fox News, and MSNBC's Rita Cosby continued to report on the 'Natalie Holloway' case? Does anyone in the US other than her family really still worry about this issue?

Illegal Immigration. I am not sure what the solution is, but I have a feeling that the US Congress, as presently composed, and the Administration do not have a solution. Actually I really think that they are trying to, and succeeding rather well, in distracting the American people from other issues that are really perhaps much more important at the present time. The border issues have existed since this country was founded, and they will exist long after I disappear from this reality. If terrorists are going to get in to this country, putting a wall along the Mexican border isn't going to stop them, and it will likely not stop the Central/South American and Mexican people who are illegally entering this country. It also won't stop the illegal asian and european immigrants either. The things this Congress should be looking into is why the President feels he has the right Constitutionally to subvert the law. Why he feels that he can sign a legislative act into law, and then right a note that he can ignore the law if he feels like it. Perhaps even why he feels he can sign a bill (the recent budget bill) in to law when it has only been passed (in it's current form) by one chamber of Congress (The Senate) and not the other.(It reportedly wasn't returned to the house for a new vote because it was felt that the Mid-term Election was to close and it may not pass the house a fourth time.)

This President (or Unitary Executive, his choice I guess) really is doing everything he can to turn this country in to a dictatorship. I just hope it comes back to bite the Republicans. One of these days they aren't going to control the White House and the President, unless that person is totally honest (And I doubt you will get a President that isn't a little power hunger at this point) they will attempt to use all of the power that this Administration/Congress is giving the office. That is assuming that another Presidential election is actually held, and that Jr. doesn't run again. After all, he ignores the law and the Constitution if it suites him, why should he abide by it in 2 1/2 years.

Well time to go.

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Why does these kind of posts get to be? tandy should be off the blog.

Where are you little wolf and your thoughtful blog? I'm still waiting for your ideas about the American Jewish comunity and our problems.

You have mentioned your hetic schedule, when will you get any rest?

Peace to you in your difficult time.
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