Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Rather Amusing Concept

I found the attached article from The Onion to be very amusing, it is titled Are Your Cats Old Enough to Learn About Jesus?
I often wonder myself about animals and their souls.  This really reached a 'peak' for me when we had to put my beloved little cat to sleep last summer.

How in G-d's name can you be as busy working as you claim you are when you are posting on a Blog. I additionally see that some of your postings come in during work hours (I make this assumption given your time zone location). Let's just say that if you were employed by me, you would have a pink slip in your hand and a footprint on the back of your ass. GET TO WORK!
Why are you so worried about how someone else uses their time? R U his boss? Do U sign his paycheck? BAK OFF!!!! oh yeah, while u r @ it, get a life while you have nothing better 2 do.

BTW - C.George waz GREAT!
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