Monday, March 20, 2006

I Wish I Understood The Attitude

While listening to a talk show on the radio this afternoon I heard 2 different callers defend the warrentless wiretapping program.
One of them seemed to think it was okay because he didn't feel that the majority of the American populous was being wire tapped.  He was asked twice by the show host if he felt that the President being like a king was a good thing, and he said NO, but that he felt there was nothing wrong with the wire tap program.
The other caller defended the program by saying he had not seen any evidence that anything illegal had been done, therefore nothing illegal probably had been done. (He really couldn'g answer the President as a king question either.)
I really have a problem with both of these attitudes.  The second one is really the quickest to address.  As nothing has been released on the program because of national security concerns, how can you say that you have seen any evidence on the legality/illegality of the issue.  My personal opinion on this situation is that the Administration has violated the law and the Constitution, but since I haven't seen any evidence at all, I can't say for sure.  But based on the track record of the administration, Trust Me just doesn't cut it any more.
The first one is really the one that I just don't understand.  How can anyone feel that giving up the freedoms upon which this country was founded is a good thing.  Has the general populous that believes this become so deluded by all of the lying that this administration has done that they truly don't understand they are giving up what our American forebears fought and died for.  My father was in the Army Air Corp in WWII.  I some how don't think he put up with the riggers of military service and servicing military air craft during the 24 hour operations over Germany toward the end of the war, in order for his son to live in a country that wasn't free.  I also don't think that my grandparents (my mom's parent's) escaped from the Ukraine and Poland in the early part of last century in order for their decendents to live in a country that was just as bad on the liberties afforded their citizens as the countries they were fleeing. 
I am proud of the country I grew up in.  I feel that this country has come down a long way in a very short period of time.
This administration ran on several things in the 2000 election.  They were going to restore dignity and honesty to the White House.  They were going to do so on day one.  It seem that they really intended tosay they were going to retore those things for one day.  The other thing the Unitary Executive said when he was campaigning was that he wasn't going to use the military to nation build.  I guess what he really intended was that he wasn't going to build just one nation.  This administration has done more damage to this country's reputation internationally than any other.  Jr. has become a complete joke in office.  He doesn't seem to understand the simplist things.  I sadly have to admit that after his first 3 years in office, I had sadly misjudge both the charater and the honesty of this President and some how allowed myself to be deluded in to voting for this moron.  ( I can honestly say I only made the mistake once though.)
Well time to go and be a good parent to my cats.  Next post will answer the question I asked last week about the biggest problem with the Jewish Community in the US.

Where in the world have you gone? Blog, my son, BLOG!!!!!!
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