Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Wish I Had More Time To Express My Thoughts

I really feel a little under the gun with the end of tax season just over 5 weeks away and lots of returns piling up on my desk. That having been said, I really feel a need to get at least a few things out of my head.

1. An anonymous commentor addressed my time frame of the number of hours I work and the fact that he/she didn't feel that it was possible because I post during work hours. My only response to this moron is that apparently he/she has never heard of lunch. This is when I do, during this time of year, most of my 'surfing' and any posting I feel a need to do.

2. I have caught small bits of Rush Limbaugh in the car the last couple of weeks and have a couple of things I would like to comment on:
a. Rush made much more sense to me when he was still taking Oxycotin. I am not sure if that says something about me or something about him.
b. He was discussing the Oscars that other day. The first thing I heard him discussing was the comments of George Clooney. And naturally Rush was completely wrong on his interpretation of what George's meaning was.
c. I have more to say but only a limited amount of time.

3. The current situation in this country is making me very nervous. My 'paranoia' sense is going crazy. I will discuss this more next time, but I do have a question for anyone who cares to try to answer: What is the single biggest problem with the Jewish community at large in the US?

4. I am very distressed with the way Congress continues to willing seed (This should have been the word cede, as was ungraciously pointed out by an anonymous commenter. I would like to apologize for any confusion to anyone who couldn't figure out what I was trying to say with the wrong word in there.) power to the White House. Did anyone in either branch of government, or Judge Alito for that matter, ever actually read the Constitution and understand the concept of a checks and balances system? I am really tired of the Republicans in Congress acting like the President is a god, or king. The powers they are seeding now will come back to bite them when the White House changes hands. Unless, of course, you have an intellegent honest person in the White House who will effectively restore the balance of power between Congress and Presidency. In the long run this Republican ruling group is doing so much damage to the struction of the Federal Government, that I am not sure that it can be easily repaired by the actions of a single President. (And finding an honest and intellegent person who can actually get elected is something else entirely.)

Well that is it for the moment, I will attempt to get more out either tomorrow or Sunday. Until then, be safe and watch your back, the DHS spies may be just around the corner.

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For the life of me, I cannot understand what you are saying when you say that Congress "continues to willing seed power to the White house". Not only is this not a complete sentence, but I am certain that you do not know what the word "seed" means.

Per, the following verb definitions are offered:

seed·ed, seed·ing, seeds
v. tr.
To plant seeds in (land, for example); sow.
To plant in soil.
To remove the seeds from (fruit).
To furnish with something that grows or stimulates growth or development: a bioreactor seeded with bacteria.
Medicine. To cause (cells or a tumor, for example) to grow or multiply.
Meteorology. To sprinkle (a cloud) with particles, as of silver iodide, in order to disperse it or to produce precipitation.
To arrange (the drawing for positions in a tournament) so that the more skilled contestants meet in the later rounds.
To rank (a contestant) in this way.
To help (a business, for example) in its early development.

It is becoming rather apparent that you are talking out of your ass (not to mention the fact that you opine on whether or not certain people are intelligent), and you cannot even properly spell the word "intelligent".

In response to "What is the biggest problem with the Jewish community at large in the US?", it seems to be people like you faking intellectual prowess while not having a single, cogent thought and thereby giving all of us other Jews a bad name.
Big words and over impressive usage of other word's meanings are ridiculous. It is plain to see that you are just jealous of this "wolf's" blog leave him & others alone and find someone your own size to pick on. Sorry this world has to be this way, why can't we all just get along?
Anon 2: Excuse, I guess my distraction with my lunch caused me to confuse the word cede with the word seed. And because of that apparently you were incapable of figuring out what the thought was. For this I apologize. But to make that point to you, I will put it this way. Congress refuses to the Constitutional process that requires them to 'check and balance' the impulsiveness of the executive branch. As Congress seems to be refusing to do that, they are (since you have problems with words) giving away power to the executive branch that it was granted by our Founding Fathers.

Is that simple enough for you or do you require smaller words and easier concepts. Oh and I guess it is easy to snipe from the cheap seats when you are to chicken to at least give yourself a name of some sort.
I'm sorry, I just can't resist.

it's TOO Chicken, not to chicken.

To chicken or not to chicken, that is the question...
butt what iz the question?
grAndpa sayz: SHUT THE F UP!
u should b a vegan, no chickhens r hurt
sept the wunz wif poe spellin skillz
u wanna GET DOWN wit dat comment?
Hell's Yeah!
bring it on MFr!
meets me then... chic-un
It sounds like these two should get together... an ass queen and someone on the downlow. It could be a match made in... Heaven? Leave the LittleL alone already!!
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at least he (little wolf) has a job
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