Thursday, March 09, 2006

Home A Little Early

I got home a little earlier tonight than I thought I would, this was partially due to a client canceling an appointment that allowed me to get the next client in early. Yippy.

As a result of this I thought I would continue with some of my thoughts that I didn't express earlier.

1. Does anyone else find it strange that Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh can somehow talk about family values with a straight face. After all they have both been married multiple times which, unless I am missing something, doesn't seem to be a very good family value track record.

2. I find the thought of Newt Gingrich running for President something akin to the idea of eating a pile of excrement. It smells bad and the thought makes me sick to my stomach.

3. How does Bill 'The King of Name Calling' O'Reilly think that nobody will notice his hypocracy on the issue? Does he not understand how recording devices work?

4. Why did Bill threaten to have FOX security go after a caller for the mere mention of Keith Olberman's name? Really, if Olberman's show is as poorly rated as Bill alledgely says it is, should he just forget about it.

5. Why do some people think that it is okay to give up their 'Rights' as granted by the Constitution simply because 'I'm not doing anything wrong.' Do they not understand that what they are doing may be wrong tomorrow?

6. Do any of the people who are willing to give their civil liberties because of 'The Phantom Menace'tm Lucas Films smoke, and if so do they believe that they have some kind of 'Right' to do so?

7. If you have a right to smoke, do I have any right as a non-smoker to not have to deal with your disgusting habit, especially when entering and exiting a building?

8. Why does the President feel the need to seize so much power? My first guess is a feeling of not being 'man' enough in the bedroom. I'm sure that at some point I will have a better guess.

9. Getting back to Civil Liberties issue. If people are truly comfortable giving them up, are they willing to have some one they dislike (let's take a Clinton, Bill or Hillary your choice) to have they same exact powers to look into their lives without a problem? If not maybe they should rethink their position, after all the Unitary Executive is only supposed to be President for another 3 years. (As I can't predict what is going to happen it is entirely possible that the Unitary Executive will ignore that little problem somehow also.)

10. I have reached a cross roads with the situation in this country. I love American, yet hate what I see happening. If things don't change, even through efforts of my own making, what options am I left with?

And finally for tonight:
11. The question I asked earlier that no one has responded to: What is the biggest problem of the American Jewish Community as a whole?

Well good night, good luck, and don't let the spies in your underwear drawer with out your consent, after all they may have hidden something there when you weren't home. (Okay time to put my paranoia in its box for the night.)

To quote a famous puppet "Smoking's Cool Pee Wee"
--- Randy Puppet, 80ish
You also have the right to don an astronaut helmet so that, 1. you won't have to breath any disgusting smoke, and, 2. so no one has to hear your incessant bitching about it.
Hey, smokie the retard, breathe is spelled with an e! GOSH!
Along with your paranoia, it might be time to put your bad vocabulary in there, too.
y bother w/spellin. u r just typin 2 fast. Another jealous blogger.
UPs 2 the house!!!
the problem might be the bias media, why r u all in control? r boy Cris Rock can't host anything anymo. peep out....
you should work with p-t smokers, there should be no smoke to walk through. Peace Out, Jerry Rules!!
I like reading this blog, but it has become apparent that others are not so sensitive to the views of this blog. Please go else where and find somewhere to be annoying.
way 2 much attention 2 such CR-P
yeah CRAP or shit or SHIT or SH-T I'm not afraid of the keyboard or keyBORED!!!! GAL

BNA - Get A Life
If you don't like smoke, kindly just put your head up your ass. It would probably improve your appearance, and most likely, the smell of your breath.
what is wrong with you? get off this harmless blog. DS
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