Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some brief thoughts for today

Some brief thoughts for today.

a. I am tired of the concept that the Democrats somehow made Mrs. Alito cry. I was clearly Senator Graham using the term bigot in reference to Judge Alito that began the tears. I am not accusing Senator Graham of anything but come one.
b.I have my concerns about putting Judge Alito on the Supreme Court. I really have no defined reason for this as I really don’t know that much about him other than what I have heard on the radio/TV, but my instinct tells me that he is going to make a very bad justice. I plan on taking time to e-mail the members of the Senate Judicial committee, likely tonight, to express my ‘discomfort’ with Judge Alito.

I am sorry for the odd look to this post. It was originally written in Word and published directly form there use the Blogger for Word tool bar. It was very well organized and pretty in word. For some reason when I published it, it got all screwed up. Oh well the thoughts are still there.

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