Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Sharon Update

Y Net News Story

Ariel appears to be continuing to improve every day. Yesterday the reports were that he had begun to move his right arm and leg and was breathing on his own. It is now being reported that he is moving his left arm and leg. Arik's cognitive functions are not yet measurable as he is still under sedation, it is expected to be several days before the cognitive functions will be measurable.

The amazing thing about this is that he is able to move his left side at all. Considering the reported size of the stroke and the fact that the right side of his brain was the area where the hemorraging was, it seems to be a miracle that he is capable of moving his left side at all.

I had discussed yesterday that I felt the miracle of the whole situation was the praying of all of the Jews that likely didn't usually pray. While my thinking hasn't really changed, perhaps this is HaShem's way of giving those who did not pray regularly a little bit of reinforcement to pray more often. The truth of this will be revealed in time, but I find the situation very interesting.

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