Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Rant of the Month

I have been thinking about this for about 6 weeks or so. I am really tired of the political situation in this country.

A simple statement, but I will not, that I have that off my chest, really get rolling on the rant.

1. I am tired of a lame media that doesn't investigate what anyone says. I'm tired of them repeating ridiculous statements and statements with out the simplist of analysis or research.
a. An example is the Jack Abramoff situation. A Republican some place got the statement out that Democrats have taken nearly as much money from Mr. Abramoff as Republicans. Now I haven't done any independent research on this ( and I will address that issues separately) but let's examine that statement for just one moment. Why does this make sense. After all Abramoff is a Republican lobbying operative, why would he be giving to Democrats? May be to help cover his tracks on the scandalous things he was doing, but really that doesn't make sense much sense to me. But instead of looking in to this allegation, everyone just repeats it as being true. (On this point I wouldn't expect much else from the 'Fair and Balanced' ones.)

2. I am tired of lame in fighting in Congress over petty shit. Congress is supposed to debate and examine an issue. Not everyone is going to agree with whether or not an issues makes good sense or good policy, but how does pass both the Energy Act of 2005 and the Highway Act of 2005 in which the energy giants are being given additional tax 'incentives' and tax breaks square with cutting energy assistance for the truly needy all while several energy companies are reporting record profits. Not only does this not make any sense from a purely policy position, it doesn't make any sense from a budgetary position when you are all ready running record deficits and needing to continue to spend additional money for both relief from the hurricanes and to fight a 'war' overseas.

3. Why to the Republicans seem to have a direct line to Osama Bin Lame-Head. Every time they need this evil twit to release a video or audio tape to 'scare' the American people, he does. And today no sooner does the tape get 'verified' then the Republican leadership is back out there making Lame-Head in to the boogey man and discussing the Rights infringing portions of the poorly named 'Patriot' act. (I am sick of hearing about that as well.)

4. Why do all of the initiative from the Bush Administration seem to be poorly named any more. The Patriot Act should be rename the Unpatriotic Act (if not the UnConstitutional Act.) and the Social Security Reform proposals should have call the Social Security Destruction and Rip-off the Under/Un-educated proposal.

5. I am tired of stupid talking heads, and the silliness they all seem to want to spew. (Either parties.) You have Rush Blowhard, Bill 'Filafel Abuse' O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the 'Conservative' blowhards endlessly saying the same nonsensical things, and when they lack something 'constructive' to say then everything is Bill Clinton's fault. (Have they blamed President Clinton for the Abramoff scandal yet.)

Along the same lines many of the 'liberal' talkshow hosts can't deal with some one who isn't as far left as they are. Frankly I am tired of hearing them constantly rail against Joe Lieberman. After all Senator Lieberman is much more in line with them than with most of the Republicans points at this point. By the way you pinheaded morons, Senator Liebermans point about President Jr. was that he will be President (at present) for the next three years, complaining about it is useless. Deal with and find a way to get things accomplished anyway.

6. I am tired of the endless corruption in politics in this day and age. If they would just get off their fat asses and actually look at the country and find a way to actually solve the problems instead of making themselves or corporate America rich we might actually get somewhere. I thought the whole point of a free market society was that everyone was supposed to operate on the same level and that he who makes money makes money. (Having said that, when is Wal-Mart going to get taken down by it's suppliers. If they aren't making money selling to Wal-Mart, don't sell to Wal-Mart. An amazing thing might happen, if they really want your product in their store they may actually pay a fair price for it.)

7. I am am also tired of being told by the 'American' automakers that it is my fault they can't make money. If they made a product that ran well, held together, got decent gas mileage, and had any kind of long term value I might consider the product. But the products are crap, and frankly I won't buy one until they do what it takes to earn MY money. Most of the 'foreign' cars are manufactured in the US. So this is not an issue of American employees, it is a question of the American manufacturers designing a crapier product.

8. I am tired of the stupidty of political intrusion in to education. But more so I am tired of parents in this country not taking responsibility for their own childs education. If you take an interest in your child, and their education, their education will improve. The problem with education today starts at home where the kids aren't taught to have respect for themselves or anyone else, so they don't have respect for themselves or anyone else. This leads to several things. The kids are looking else where to learn/earn respect, so they join 'youth organizations' that provide structure for them. The 'organizations' are often, in lower income areas, gangs. In other areas, they may not be in the gang itself but they are doing things like selling drugs/doing drugs, whatever. It also leads kids to other problems. Some will develop mental health issues from lack of self respect. Others become promiscuous, or have other social problems. (Some decide to take a gun to school and kill there schoolmates.)

When I was in high school one of the big 'scary' things was fantasy roll play games such as Dungeons and Dragons. (I played D&D but that is a story for another day.) I didn't ever have adjustment issues, yet parents were always blaming the game for things like their child commiting suicide. (One of my favorite comments was from an episode of 60 minutes where the one parent said "We didn't know little Johny was threatening to kill his sister until after he was dead." Yet they blamed the game for his suicide.) Parents who ignore or abuse their children are more to blame for the problems of their children than anything a teacher may due. (The only qualification is as long as the teacher isn't abusing the child.)

9. I am as guilty of this final point as anyone else and I will be striving to change it for myself. I am sick and tired of not knowing when something is true because I don't have the real information. I am tired of not knowing a politicians actual positions because they only have 30 or 60 seconds to express it on the nightly news in 'happening' sound bites. My lord people we have the single most extensive information system in existence right at our fingertips, (at this very moment) and what do we do with it. We flirt, we gossip, we look at dirty pictures. When are all Americans going to wake up and take our country back. If you have a problem with country research why and do something about it. Support a candidate, become a candidate, or at least get out and vote for the love of G-D. We have the ability to influence this country's direction and policies, yet most of us would rather listen to Rush or Ed for our opinions rather than do the research to form them on our own. I did much more of this when I was younger and I plan on doing much, much more of it now.

Yesterday I had said that I was going to email the Senate Judiciary Committee. I have not done that yet but I will. And as soon as I can. (Mostly likely tomorrow now.) And when that is complete I will post each and every way to contact them. As I expand this idea, I will pass on more and more information. If you take my word for it fine, but I would much rather someone challenge my facts with actual facts from a source. My opinions can change if I see I am incorrect or if I missed something.

I feel much better. I will be going now. But please consider what I have ranted about.

amen, brother
Oh yeah baby, OH YEAH!
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