Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One Of These Things Isn't Like The Others

Dominatrix Beats Manslaughter Rap
'New Car Smell' Includes Toxins, Group Says
'Mountain' Looms Among Oscar Nods
Hamas Urged To Recognize Israel
Yes one of these things isn't like the others, and I will give you 2 hints. 
Hint 1:  These are all headlines from CNN.com; and
Hint 2: 3 Of these headlines are from the breaking news section of the site.
Can YOU guess which one isn't like the others?

The Mountain one because it isn't about something or someone trying to kill someone else????
Nope the one that didn't belong is the article about Hamas. It was clearly not in the 'breaking news' or 'important events' section at CNN.com. The other three were all considered important or breaking news, and frankly none of the three is truly important.
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