Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Of Cats and Kittens

Last Thursday while arriving back at our apartment for the evening, my wife came across a kitten roaming loose in a part of the building that would not be easily accessable to an animal. The kitten was on the first floor of our building in a walk way between the undergrown parking area and the main lobby of the building. As there are no apartments on the 1st floor, it seems highly unlikely that the kitten got there without some help.

It is a beautiful kitten. A Siamese mix that is a cream color with brown and black points, it is one of the prettier kittens I have seen in a long time. As the kitten was in the building and in a 'hard to reach' location in the building, it was our idea that the kitten was probably someone's pet and they would probably want the little girl back. After posting signs we found that no one responded. We thought this was a little on the strange side, but decided we would hold on to the kitten until we could get it to an agency that would place it for adoption.

Now the fun begins. Maggie, our own cat, doesn't really care for other cats. The kitten, called Wild Thing by my wife, seems to get a large amount of joy out of trying to annoy Maggie as much as possible. Generally by just going as close as she can to her to see if she can make friends. Maggie just growls and hiss until on of them gets put away. The second problem is that the room where we put Maggie to give the kitten time out of the 'lock down' isn't as secure as it should be. The door can be pushed open with just a little bit of pressure. This means we can't leave the kitten unattended. And the kitten 'hates' being in the 'lock down' room because no one else is there.

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