Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Of Cats and Kittens part 4

It has been a few days since I gave an update of the situation from feline home front. 
Well Anina has quickly recovered from her surgeries. We reintroduced the cats over a week period.  We have found out several things about Anina. 
1. She is perhaps the most persistant cat I have ever been around.  She continues to try to be friendly with Maggie.  Maggie is getting better, but seems to find the kitten's energy level well beyond the tolerable. (Not unlike Wife and I)
2. She has a memory that may be to good.  We have a 'feather on a string attached to a stick' toy that we got for the cats.  When she is looking to play, she knows exactly where we put the toy and has gone to that location to get it.
3.  She has moments of being incredably cute, and other times of being a demon in feline clothing.
Over all things are getting better between the two.  Wife said she had them playing together this evening. (I was not/am not home as I am away on business for a Tax Conference.)
Maggie for her part is doing well, but really doesn't seem quite ready to accept the kitten.  Wife and I believe she may still be 'depressed' since the death of Breygi, and seems like she doesn't really want the kitten around.  We on the other hand believe once she is used to the kitten perhaps the depression she is feeling will go away.
Well that is enough for today.  I will be posting tomorrow night, and have found a way that I may be able to post items with a little more regularity.  They will probably be quick hits, but I will try my best.

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