Monday, January 09, 2006

Of Cats and Kittens Part 3

An update on the home front situation.

We decided to take the kitten in permanently, as long as she was healthy. The kitten has had her first visit to the vet and is healthy. As such, she is scheduled to have her ‘surgery’ this weekend. She will have her front claws removed and will be ‘fixed.’ (4 days with a cat in heat was more than enough for us.)

We have named the feisty little beast. The name is Anina which is Aramaic for “answer my prayer.” We felt this was a very appropriate name, as we are the answer to her prayers and she is the answer to our prayers.

As a side note: she is officially a Siamese lynx point. (That’s for anyone who is a cat lover.)

wow! that's so amazing since my name is anina and i pray all the time! best wishes,

Thank you visiting the World. I visited your site and found it very interesting. I am also glad that you liked finding out what your name means in Aramaic.

Have a fun year.

Little Wolf
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