Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mining Tragedy In West Virginia

I was watching CNN last night about Midnight. I saw the initial reports about the 12 survivors at the mine explosion in West Virginia. Even though I know no one involved in the situation I felt a great level of relief. At the same time I was praying for the family of the man miner that they were reporting was dead.

When I awoke this morning, I followed my normal ritual of putting on CNN as soon as I was able to get to the TV. I was stunned to see/hear that the initial reports had been wrong, and that 12 were dead and that only 1 had survived. I felt very upset for my own feelings of anger at the misreporting of the information initially. I can not imagine what the families of the miners actually feel.

I have heard today that there are rumors that a number of the families are preparing to sue the company. I am not sure on the accuracy of these reports; I do feel that the families should receive some kind of additional compensation in this situation.

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