Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is It Beginning To Unravel?

Could the plea deal that Jack Abramoff is reported to have made with Federal investigators be the beginning of the end for Tom Delay, Bob Ney and other Republicans in the House?

Abramoff appears to have cut a cooperation deal with the investigators of his various campaign financing 'plans.' The charges, as reported here by CNN, consist of corruption, fraud and the catch-all tax evasion. Mr. Abramoff will, apparently, not be sentenced until all of his cooperation is complete.

I am rather interested to see where THIS investigation is going to go. I also wonder how this investigation is going to effect how Mr. Delay is going to deal with his Texas money laundering charges.

This is the type of case that could spin out of control and create a huge problem for the Republicans in the mid-term elections, especially if this investigation lingers in the news for months.

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