Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Hope It Doesn't Go To Far Up The Evolutionary Scale.

I what almost sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, some scientists did a study on bats to see how evolution effected the difference between testicle size and brain size.

The thing that they found is that in bat species that have more promiscuous females, the males had larger testicles and smaller brains. And in species with little or no promiscuity amoung females the males had larger brains and smaller testicles.

The also state that Chimps are more promiscuous and appear to have larger testicles, by body weight, than Gorillas have. (Gorillas have an alpha male/female system, where the alpha male has 'rights' to a harem of women.)

I have two fears about this study of bats and the related information to our upper primate brethern. 1. That the next step in this study is going to be to see if human male intellegence is based on testicle size. 2. That they will find that human males with large brains have small testicles and that human males with large testicles have small brains. Why does this bother me. Well it seems to me that if they do this, the next big rush is for every man to see if his testicles are 'big' enough for him to be promisuous, or if his testicles are small, and he should just focus on developing that big brain.

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