Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Have You Been Abducted By Aliens?

The attached website has a list 0f 58 "common indicators" of alien abduction. I found the list to be rather facinating. The list could be used to show if some one may be suffering from several common mental illnesses as well. I will, probably tonight when I have some time, go through the list to see which ones I am 'suffering' from and post separately on that. If you have the whim, please do the same. I am curious how many people believe they may have been abducted by aliens. (Heshy and his followers are exempt from this exersize as they are 'opposed' to life on other planets.)

The list is here

I was abducted by my cat last week...
Yes, I believe I was visited by aliens at the age of about 16-17yrs old. I experience some of the characteristics on your list.
I bare scars inside both of my legs, very thin scars on both legs. I always felt the extracted sperm from me for whatever reason. I remember trying to wakeup, yet I couldn't wakeup, if felt like a tremendous pressure was sucking me up against my bed.
anon 1:
I would have a long talk with the cat, after all, if cats are abducting people we may all be in trouble. (Actually our new cat has been in the process of abducting us for about 2 weeks.)

Anon 2:
The things that you report are some of the things on the list that I found very interesting. As I stated though, I found the list interesting for the fact that the list is not exclusive to proving/disproving alien abduction. Just that something is going on.
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