Thursday, January 26, 2006

Be Careful Who Is Listening

Have you ever been 'intimate' in front of an animal?
No, this isn't story time, though if anyone cares I could probably shock a few people with some strange things that have happened to me.
The attached story is one of those that makes me question the intellegence of some people, and the level of intellegence of animals in general.
Basic story: A woman was having an affair behind her boyfriend's back.  (I suppose that is how you have an affair.)  On several occasion the 'other man' who was a co-worker was at the apartment they shared, additionally she spoke to him on the phone numerous times from the apartment they lived in.  The man owned an African Parrot.  The Parrot began to say things like 'Hey Gary' and when ever a person on TV would say the name Gary, the Parrot would start making kissing sounds.
The boyfriend finally figured out what was going on and confronted the girl. Long story short, Girl moves out and Boy gets ride of Parrot because it continues to 'taunt' him.

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