Monday, January 09, 2006

Arik's Miracle

The medical improvements of Ariel Sharon are next to stunning. I hear a doctor from the doctor say last week that the fact that a 77 year old man to survive a total of 13 hours of Brain Surgery was just amazing.

I have to say I think there is something more at play here than may be obvious. I think it is very interesting that the Ayatollah Patrick ibn Robert made his comments about how this massive stroke was G-D’s retribution for the Gaza pull out, something I knew the moment I heard about it that someone was bound to say, and the hopes by the ‘President’ of Iran that Arik was dead that the response of many Jews around the world has been to pray for Arik’s recovery. Many of the Jews who are praying may be doing for the first time, or at least for one of the few times, since their youth at a time other than the High Holidays and the First/Second sedar.

Could this perhaps be the real miracle of Ariel’s illness? Could this be the real ‘plan’ of HaShem? I will say that I have no idea. I am not one who tries to read in to what HaShem’s real plan may be. But the thought did occur to me that this may be the case and I thought it should put out there for others to consider.

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