Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thoughts, They Are Cheaper In Bunches

1. I found this odd little story on the internet today about David Letterman having a restraining order put on him by a woman in Santa Fe. She claims that Mr. Letterman has been communicating with her for years in code and with secret hand gestures and facial expressions.
Two things came to mind. 1. The woman is obviously mentally ill, my guess is probably schitzophrenic (not sure of the spelling there). 2. I am not sure that the judge involved isn't also mentally ill. It is possible that he was issuing the ruling hoping to calm the woman down and really didn't think much of it. Another possibility is that he is just as mentally ill as the woman is.

2. I have been watching the episodes of Wanted on TNT since I mentioned it 3 weeks ago. The final episode of the first season (as there were additional episode that aired in the late summer) will be next monday, I have enjoyed the new episodes but I really wish they would have done more episodes. Hopefully there will be more episodes next summer.

3. The Closer (another summer series that aired on TNT) will be returning on Tuesday the December 27. I have been looking forward to new episodes of this series as well. It is very interesting as it deals with a master police interviewer who 'breaks' her suspects. It is almost a updated version of Columbo in many ways. The central character is played by Kyra Sedgewick.

4. The only summer series that hasn't had new episodes yet is USA networks 4400.

5. I was watching old episodes of Law & Order last night, and cutting back to catch parts of the Cavaliers game as well, and TNT ran the series premiere (?) episode of Law & Order: Trial by Jury from last year. I had enjoyed the series but had forgotten how good it was until last night.

6. I am looking forward to seeing the following movies (hopefully in the next two weeks or so):
In no specific order: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Rent, The Producers, and King Kong. There are also three that interest me that I am probably going to see on DVD when they are released: Syriana, Aeon Flux, and Pride & Prejudice.

7. In my post Wire Tapping Defense I discussed the brewing scandal. CWY responded with the following:
"My guess is, since the Administration is trying to avoid going to court and they tried to talk the NY Times out of running the story, they know the activitiy is illegal.
Or maybe their trying to limit the damage to their inteligence operations. Trying to hush up someone doesn't mean the activity is illegal.

I had responed in the comments, but wished to do so here:
My thinking on this is that since the administration has the ability to place a wire tap and then go to the court with in 72 hours to get the proper court order ( and from a court that has only turned down 5 wire taps in 5 years) that there is something else going on. I would agree with CWY except for one that one problem. Also, if what they are doing isn't questionable, why were so many members of the Senate and House, who are supposed to be advised as to what is going on, so surprised by this. It would not be hurting there intellegence operations to inform Congress. Unless you are saying there is a good chance that a number of members of Congress may be part of the Al Qa'eda. I also feel the same way about going to the court. Is it the administrations contention that Federal Judges are possibly part of Al Qa'eda. Since these both seem like they would be absurd conclusions I have to say that damage to intellegence operations are not the reason.

Hope you get to see Rent. It's quickly fading from the 'burgh. I am hoping to get to see it before it leaves the big screen but it may be dicey.
I hope I get to see it at the theater as well, I am sort of doubting it. My wife's first choice to see is The Narnia Chronicles. (Actually that may very well be mine as well.)
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