Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Something on my mind.

Over the weekend Richard Pryor passed away. While I was not a huge fan of Mr. Pryor, I did admire the talent the man obviously had. I did enjoy the movies he was in that I have seen. (Though I didn't realize how many movies the man had acted in, in his career.)

Also over the weekend Gene McCarthy passed away. As with many polititians he has had influence on the US, but I find few memories of the man that I can identify as I write this.

A little personal background on the subject at hand. As I have stated before, my father died when I was 7, not exactly the time of life we should be worrying about these kinds of things. To add to this my Grandfather died just 3 days before my 11th birthday, again not exactly the kind of thing that makes for a happy year. My stepfather died when I was 17, and a stepsister when I was 23. And my Grandmother when I was 28. (This doesn't include various other relatives that have also passed away.) Not exactly the happiest of subjects, or lives.

Why all of this discussion of death? (No I am not terminally ill for anyone who might possibly be worried about it.) 2 other things have occured in the last week that have effected my thoughts in this area. One is the situation with Shifra's brother, and his surgery/near death situation. Having a sibling that is serious ill is very difficult and I have been thinking and praying for Shifra, her brother, and their entire family. I have been reading the daily updates that Orthomom has been posting on Shifra's blog, with both great interest and a high amount of worry.

Now the situation that actually prompted this morbid trip through my mind. (And this will require just a quick bit of background.) I recently attended a Comic Book/Sci Fi convention in Columbus Ohio. (Mid-Ohio Con) One of the things that the convention also does it brings in a number of models and also former Playboy bunnies. My sister-in-law's husband and I usually go to this convention, and this year they had a discussion panel with the models on the business and how they got involved. One of the young ladies that they had brought in was a very attractive young lady who described herself as an 'internet model.' I did check out her website on several occasions just to try and get a idea of what the young lady was like. She was from a community about 45 minutes from where I live. (Actually she lived not very far from my sister-in-law.) While checking several things on-line last night, I decided to check they young lady's website just before I got off line. I was stunned to see that she was killed over the weekend in an auto accident. (I don't know that much beyond that about the circumstances.)

So why did this young lady, who I have never spoken with, cause me to write such a rambling depressing post? I am really not sure. I really don't believe that she was the only spark for this. After all I have posted about stars who have died, and would likely have reported about Mr. Pryor and Mr. McCarthy before much longer. I am not always 'distressed' by the death of a 23 year old woman, no matter who they are. And I really didn't know this woman. Having just seen the young woman a couple of weeks ago with here big glowing smile, bright and happy and most definitely alive has got me thinking about a lot of things. (This all has the effect of being reinforced by the fact that when ever I see one of my medical specialists and he makes a change in my meds my wife always makes a statement about being worried that I will die young.)
Her website, linked below, has some information about this young woman. I can only hope that her family and friends will be comforted by the knowledge that many people who didn't actually know her are saddened by her shocking death.
Jasmine Grey

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