Friday, December 30, 2005

I Am Not Sure I Get Kids

Okay, it isn't just kids, but both of the stories have kids involved.

First was yesterday. The story about the 2 year old that was taken to the hospital drunk. It seems that the parents of this child, and one other, left him in the charge of someone while they went to the hospital for the birth of another child. The very responsible person who was left in charge of the child got drunk and passed out. I am not clear, as I don't have the story in front of me, how exactly the police got involved but it seems when they arrived the 2 year old had had so much alcohol to drink he was unable to stand up straight or wake straight and was showing other signs of being drunk.

The other story, which is here linked, deals with 3 10-year-olds who decided to go and play football at their middle school. They crawled under a fence, and somewhere along the way found that one of the school doors was unlocked. (First question, why was a school door unlocked.) They then went into the school. They, at first, tried to hide their identities from the cameras, but quickly (15 minutes) gave up on that. They spent 5 hours roaming the halls and doing damage to the school. (i.e. They did $4,000 damage to the gymnasium floor. The floor had recently been redone.)

Now here is the part I am not sure of why it happened, but have a feeling that a double dog dare was involved somewhere. Two of the boys were seen on tape running down one of the halls completely naked. I don't think at that age I would have ever considered that.

I just don't get how kids today get involved in running naked in a school. (Other in the common nightmare.)

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