Thursday, December 29, 2005

From The List Of Things I Just Don't Understand

This picture of a stunning looking calico cat, is not the thing I don't understand. It was what was done to that beautiful little cat that lead to this picture.

The cat, now named Lucky, was placed in a cage which had a rock tied to it. The cage and rock were thrown off a bridge in Montana, in an apparent attempt to drown the cat. The attempt failed when the rock bounced on ice and came to rest in a slushy puddle in the river. The puddle was not deep enough for the cat to be injured in. Some people saw the cat in this situation and called the local fire department who came out and rescued Lucky. The man holding the cat is one of the firemen who rescued Lucky, and since adopted her as a pet for his 12 year old daughter.

I just don't understand how someone can do such a thing to a beautiful animal like that. If hell doth truly exist, there must be a special ring for those who abuse and harm helpless animals. Thankfully, Lucky was not particularly harmed by this crime against her, and is said to be a sweet and loving animal.

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