Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Does Anyone Else Think This Is Strange?

I was looking at several news sites and came across the reporting on Fox News that:
1. Mel Gibson is producing a TV miniseries about Flory Van Beek and how she survived the Holocaust.
2. Steven Spielberg discussing the soon to be released Munich.

I didn't see 'The Passion of The Christ.' I do have some desire to see this movie to evaluate the 'level' or existence of Anti-Semetism in the movie, but I also find it strange that the son a man who has a strong reputation for denial of the Holocaust is producing a movie about the Holocaust.

I also have not read the article about Munich, but I am looking forward to seeing this movie because I think that the subject is important. (I also think that it is interesting it is coming out in the way and time that it is.) I have also, when it comes to this movie, been rather amused by the 'Palestinian' reaction to the Munich Olympic murders and the depiction of them, that the PLO perpetrated.

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