Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Attack on Christmas (Hypocracy Edition)

In the last week or two the resurgency of the discussion of the 'secular attack on Christmas' has begun.

Our friend DovBear has discussed it several times, and I addressed as on of the discussion topics in Some Random Thoughts. While doing my reading of various sites today I came across a link for this the following story Commercialize Christmas, or else that was printed in the International Hearld Tribune.

The article discusses the 'history' of Christmas in the US. There are two things I really liked about the article that really are not on the topic of the history of Christmas are 1. that it is written by Adam Cohen (if that isn't likely to cause some problem) and 2. the article also ends the discussion by pointing out that Fox News (the Defense against the attacks on Christmas Central) had been promoting holiday items to be put under holiday trees or, in the case of the inane and ignorant Bill O'Reilly, they also advertised the O'Reilly Factor Holiday Tree Ornament. In addition, the 'Christmas Cards' sent out by the NeoCon Emperor of America's Emperor Jr. wished it's recipients a Happy Holiday's.

Getting back to the whole idea of History of Christmas in America. I think that the idea that the Puritans (arguably some of the first Americans) were very opposed to Christmas because there was no mention of December 25 in the bible. And, while I haven't independently confirmed this, I have heard repeatedly that Congress was in session on December 25 the first year it existed after the founding of this country. The article had several other references.

to be honest with you, although i am far from a fan of santa-season, it doesnt bug me as bad as it used to...

people around here don't bug me, so i don't bug them.

secondly, better to have a santa commericialized christmas than a J.C. in a manger christmas if you ask me... at least then it doesn't feel half as creepy
True. I find that the argument is by the far right to be absolutely ridiculous though and felt a need to point out the continuing hypocracy of saying that people are 'attacking' Christmas.
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