Monday, November 07, 2005

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Okay this was all in the news in one day and frankly I think it is rather telling.

'We do not torture,' president says

At the same time Jr. was spouting that statement the puppet master was in the House promoting a piece of legislation that would allow a no-torture exemption for the CIA who is currently running 'Black' detainment centers around the world for terrorist suspects. This paragraph from the above linked article really tells it all "Over White House opposition, the Senate has passed legislation banning torture. With Vice President Dick Cheney as the point man, the administration is seeking an exemption for the CIA. It was recently disclosed that the spy agency maintains a network of prisons in eastern Europe and Asia, where it holds terrorist suspects. "

And then the Pentagon released this news. "Five U.S. soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment have been accused of beating detainees in Iraq."

So in summary, while our 'fantastic' President was stating that the US doesn't condone torture his administration is trying to get approval for the CIa to torture and 5 soldiers in Iraq were arresed and accused of 'torture' in a 'mild' form.

Yeah, us.

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