Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I wanted to put down some thoughts on Thanksgiving.

1. Some things that I am thankful for at this time:

2. I have heard a number of people making comments about what Thanksgiving 'celebrates.' The comments have been a long the lines of 'celebrating the destruction of the Native Americans.' I am really bothered by this, I really don't believe this holiday has anything to do with the decimation of the Native Americans. The beginnings of the holiday were to celebrate the harvest and the survival of a hard year in 'The New World.'

I have a deep sympathy for the Native Americans. In many ways what they have suffered at the hands of the European invaders of the Americas is very similar to what we have suffered at the hands of many others over the course of our history, and in particular is very similar to what we suffered in the Shoah.

I find that saying the holiday is part of celebrating the destruction of the Native Americans is really doing a disservice to all of the wonderful things that a national day of giving thanks for what we have is capable of achieving.

LittleWolf: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel is even more meaningful; you give thanks for the freedom and bounty of the United States, which enabled you to move to Israel.
Had never thought of that. Makes a lot of sense though.
Jameel has a one track mind!

Your blog is looking good wolf! I haven't visited here in a while... I like what you've done with the place!
Thanks Shifra, One tries to keep up in a constantly changing enviroment.
Shifra: Thanks for the compliment!

As we say...Don't lose track of the target.
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