Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Other Side of the Coin?

About a week ago I had discussed a Judge from Utah who was following a fundamentalist offshoot of the Church of Christ of Latterday Saints, who had 3 wives. In that post I was discussing my lack of understanding of men (though I'm sure I mentioned people in general) who are involved in intimate relationships with more than one person.

On the heals of this, yesterday in the local paper were to stories that seem to fit this exciting subject very well.

1. First was a women, and her husband, who were arrested on Monday night for attacking the women's ex-boyfriend. Now when we are discussing ex-boyfriend, we mean she and the 'other guy' broke up over the weekend. (And she didn't get married on Monday.) When they attacked the ex-boyfriend, they broke in to his house and caught him in bed with another woman.
What really confused me hear is, and I know this kind of thing goes on, why the husband was so upset that his wife's boyfriend broke up with her. (They did say alcohol appear to have been involved. Yes, I know shocking.) May the husband was slighted that the boyfriend didn't want his wife any more.

2. A woman (married by the way) is going on trial for coaxing one of her younger boyfriends to kill the other of her younger boyfriends. Aside from the problem of having 3 'intimate' relationships, (Again, yes I know that it does happen.) if she was interested in getting rid of someone why not have her husband, who apparently was incapable of compassion, instead of one of the guys 'helping her out.'

P.S. As neither of these situations have been completely adjudicated the crimes involved are all alledged crimes. (With the exception that the murdering boyfriend in story number 2 has been tried and convicted of killing the other boyfriend.)

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