Thursday, November 10, 2005

Okay I May Be Changing My View

I am willing to admit if my perception of something is off. Or if something I read or see changes my feelings on an issue.

This Fox News article discusses the Jordanian response to the bombings there yesterday. I still am not sure I'm as sympathetic as I should be about the bombings but statements like this "Death to al-Zarqawi, the villain and the traitor" at least make me feel that the people in Jordan are perhaps beginning to see things the 'same way that I do.'

It makes it easier for me to look at this as the human tragedy that it is.

With statements like "...[Amman is] backyard garden for the enemies of the religion" and "Jews and crusaders ... a filthy place for the traitors ... and a center for prostitution" al-Zarqawi is sounding crazier and crazier. (Actually he sounds a lot like some of the Right-Wing Religious Zealots in the US. Hmm, I wonder why.)

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