Sunday, November 13, 2005

A New Monster

The top picture above shows a new species of pre-historic crocodile, it shows an image of the fossil skull and a computer enhanced version of what it may have looked like. The lower picture above is a larger picture of the skull. Officially called Dakosaurus Andiniensis, it has been nicknamed Godzilla. The croc in the picture was approximately 12 feet long. Though there were other ocean living crocodiles at the time our little friend was alive, most were closer in design to the fresh water crocs that we can see on Animal Planet and in the wild today. The teeth on the beasty above are apparently designed to tear large chunks of flesh and muscle out of other, likely larger, sea-going dinosaurs.

I don’t think any of us would want to run into this creature in a dark spot in the water or on land.

Pictures are from National Geographic's website, additionally there are two more pictures, one is a computer generated conceptual idea of what Godzilla would have looked like hunting.

The CNN article about our new friend.

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