Friday, November 11, 2005

A Look To The Future

A couple of planned things for the near future.

1. I will be reading the results of the President's Commission on Tax Reform and as I do so I will discuss my feelings on the individual issues and giving you my opinions on the chances of something being implimented. (And answering any questions that may come up in the mean time.)

2. I have asked several people, and will ask more in the near future for some reading recommendations. As the reading is completed I will be discussing the topics on the World. If, as we go forward, you have any recommendations on something you feel I would benefit from (we are discussing books and/or articles of Jewish theological/theoretical content.) I would be glad to have the suggestions.

The first 3 to be discussed in the order of reading are Ramban's Disputation at Barcelona. I will begin reading it this weekend, and although it is short I do have a number of other things that I would like to accomplish. With this in mind I will break the book down in to the 4 separate days of the Disputation and then discuss the book as a whole. (Book was purchased from Shilo Press)
The second book to be read and discussed is also a Ramban produce work call The Book of the Redemption. (also from Shilo Press) The third book is call Creation and the Persistance of Evil by Jon D. Levenson. Books 2 and 3 will be similarly divided in to managable portions and then a final discussion at the conclusion of the reading.

Hope you'll enjoy or at least find interesting these two features as we get started.

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