Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I have a strong sense of what I think a sentence should be when a crime has been committed. This is besides the idea of what the law says. It is a sort of Torah-based 'eye for an eye' concept. (Not to say that every murder should be killed, etc.) But this article from my home area just sort of seems to be a very good example of the idea that I have.

A woman in one of the local suburban cities has found guilty of the abuse of animals. In this particular case she 'abandoned' 35 kittens in 2 Metroparks facilities without food, water, or shelter. Luckly the kittens were recovered after a couple of days, and though several of these kittens had upper respiratory infections when saved, all but 9 recovered from the situation.

The woman involved has admitted her guilty, which frankly is a good start for her moving past this situation, and has been sentenced to spend 1 night in a Metropark without food or shelter. She will be provided with water and a cell phone to contact park rangers if an emergency occurs, and then she will be sent to the County pokey for an additional 14 nights.

I really think that this 1 night in the park is, while not a 'normal' punishment, is certainly a very good way to get the point across to this person. (And maybe someone else will profit from this punishment as well.)

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