Friday, November 11, 2005

Is Heshy Listening?

I have to believe that if Heshy ever saw this article, and read it more specifically, his head would explode.

Ancient Egyptians used helicopters and airplanes for battles? Yes, this article discuss several occurances of a set of 4 hieroglyphs that appear to be helicopters, airplanes and submarines. One theory being put forth in the article is that Martians landed in the Nile Valley about 3000 years ago during the reign of Seti I. Under this theory, the martians stayed on Earth and 'merged' with the Egyptians that were alive at the time. (This might explain why some of the Pharonic Dynasties tended to intermarry.)

Another explination is that the Egyptian priesthood had the ability to see the future and forsaw the eventual developement of the above listed technological advances.

I will keep my insanity on this issue hidden, but at least one of these would explain somethings.

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