Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Hero

I have always admired the safety service workers in this country. They put their lives on the line every day, and much like the members of our military, aren't very well compensated for the danger they are in. (I have a couple of police officers that are clients and I can tell you, for what they get paid they really have to love what they are doing.)

CNN has the story of a police officer in New York City who was killed when a bullet 'slipped' through the protection of a bullet proof vest, through the arm pit/opening, and struck his heart. The officer, Dillion Stewart, was in pursuit of the person who shot him at the time. Officer Stewart continued the pursuit until the suspect was cornered. When he emerged from his car to approach continue the pursuit, he discovered he had been shot.

Officer Stewart, a 35 yr old father of 2, was rushed to the hospital and did not loose consciousness until he went in to surgery. He appears, from the article, to have survived the surgery; but died a short time later.

We here at the World offer our sympathy to his wife, children, and other members of his family. We also extend our condolences to all who knew this brave man. May he always be remembered as the hero he is.

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