Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From the list of irritating things in life.

I have two things that have really been irrating me and I feel the need to get them off my chest.

1. I am frankly sick and tired of people who do not follow simple and sensible traffic control driving. (My wife constantly tells me I need to be a defensive driver and not to get upset with the people who are morons on the road, but there are just so many morons that I can't possibly ignore them all.) Yesterday on the way to a medical appt. I came to a traffic light that was out on a major road. In most cases this should be a 4 way stop, most people were following this, but there were still people just driving along and not paying attention.

Another situation is that I was had stopped at the pharmacy to pick up medications. I was then going to go straight across the street, at a traffic light, to a Wal-Mart across the road to pick up something there. Light turns green, the car turning right across the my line of traffic just turned and nearly hit me.

These kinds of things just really piss me off. And to make matters worse, we are supposed to get snow tonight. For a city that gets as much snow as Cleveland does, the people here can't drive in snow.

2. The second thing is smokers. The first thing is there is a person in the building that I work in that likes to light up her cigarette about 15 feet inside the building on her way out in the evening. The result, the whole damn corridor smells like an ashtray for several hours. I also am tired of smokers 'hovering' in door ways. Those of us who don't smoke don't really care for the smell or the smoke.

Perhaps someone can explain something to me, why do smokers feel the need to drive with a window down in their cars. After all they have already chosen to smoke why do I have to put up with their smoke.

Final thing that pisses me off about smokers. Any time someone proposes a change in the places that smokers can congregate to indulge in their habit, they start talking about how people are 'infringing' on their Right to smoke. What about the non-smokers right not to be exposed to the smell and health damaging crap they have 'chosen' to inflict on their bodies.

Ah, the lovely feeling of getting rid of things that bother you.

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