Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The First Generation?

In searching for the astronomical beginning of the universe, the beginning of creation, a group of scientists believe they have found the residual radiation from the first generation of stars after the 'Big Bang.'

Something that they did that was really interesting to me was that they took an infrared picture of a portion of space, and began removing the 'residual' radiation from known galaxies in that part of space. The radiation that was left in the 'picture' is being identified, as the first generation residual radiation.

I do see one problem with this hypothesis and that is that they would be unable to account for any galaxies in that area of the sky that haven't been detected as yet. That having been said I think that it is an interesting theory.

As a side note to this story, I heard on the radio I believe yesterday that some scientists believe that Pluto has 3 moons not just one as was previously thought. (That moon being Charon) The significance of this is that they believe they can get a more accurate idea of the size of Pluto.

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