Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Few Things On My Mind

1. The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform reported today. Based on the little I know about the report I have a number of problems with. I will be reading the report over the next several weeks and I will give you highlights and lowlights as we go. At a first blush, I am unhappy with the fact that the changes seem to be aimed (not a big surprise actually) at hurting the lower and middle classes and helping the upper class.

2. I don't know what got in to the Democrats in the Senate, but they seem to be developing a spine. They put the Senate into a closed session in order to get the intellegence investigation they wanted.

3. I think that it is a very interesting that things seems to be going as I expected and discussed. The Republicans seem to be doing everything they can to loose power starting next years.

4. I heard of a very good term for on the radio today for the 'Kool-aid drinking' Republicans. The term is Bush Dividians (as in Koresh's group from Waco a 'few' years back).

I will possible be back later tonight, in the mean time all should be safe.

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