Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Few Random Thought To Cover A Few Random Days

1. How can a Professional Football team be upset that it's 'Cheerleaders' are being detrimental to the image of the team? I mean if you hire 'slutty' women to represent your team, how can you be upset when they behave like sluts, have sex with each other in the bathroom stall of a local bar, and then get in a fight with other people who needed to use the bathroom? (I don't remember the football team in Minnesota firing it's players for similar behavior with slutty girls.)

2. I am very disappointed with my fellow Ohioians. Which part of the state governmental scandals don't they understand? The Governor not reporting 'all' of his gifts? The fund raising scandals of the current office holders. (including some $45000+ in 'irregular' fundraising for President Jr.) The current situation, though not in Ohio, that led to the indictment of Tom Delay on Conspiracy and Money Laudering charges. How can we not want to clean up a corrupt state government?

3. I am finding it very hard to be sympathetic for the Jordanians that were killed in the suicide bombings yesterday. (November 9, 2005) It is not that I feel any glee or happiness at the deaths in Jordan, but I really feel that the Arab/Islamic peoples have brought a large portion of this on themselves (or at least their governments did) by not opposing or actively supporting the terrorist organizations that have been doing the same thing to Israeli/Jewish peoples as well as others around the world for an extented period of time. (At the same time I feel really bad for the families of those who were killed.)

4. I haven't really said anything about the silliness in France. As with the above I find it a little bit hard to find sympathy for the French government. It has actively brought in large numbes of Muslims/Arabs from North Africa but little to nothing to integrate them into the French culture and society. As a result they are, in as second Gens in France, feeling left out of French culture in general. Also France has made a series of decisions in an attempt to maintain a secular society that is very offensive to the religious elements, and of course this also leads to the alienation of the Muslim/Arab peoples.

5. I am an animal lover. (Yes I know many of you are very shocked about this.) I have been teaching a series of classes for a large well know national tax preparation in the evenings a couple days a week, mostly to keep myself occupied. (okay there is a bit of an ego boost also.) (Your going boy that were two unrelated and random thoughts.) The relationship be these two points, as I was leaving a class last night I saw a kitten that had been hit by a car in the parking lot of the plaza the office was in. I got out of my car to see how badly the kitten was hurt, I realized there was not really anything I could do for the poor thing, it was very badly injured. (I won't describe what I saw but I am still having nightmares from this.) After I got home last night I couldn't really put it out of my mind, even though I couldn't do anything to help the kitten, and I suspect that anything I did do would have caused more pain, I really feel that I missed something.

Well that is enough for today. Thanks for reading.

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