Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Change In View?

The title is something of a deception. My view really hasn't changed on the subject at hand but I chose it to link to a discussion I had the other day in Does Knowing Someone Involved Change Your View Of Iraq? In that post I discussed how the possibility of actually have family or friends involved in the war may change your view of the situation in Iraq.

Well while doing my daily blog checks I found this story Prayer Of Thanks Hagomel Lechayavim at the Muqata. It involves a misadventure that Jameel has with some Molotov Cocktails while driving to work.

Now I have had a number of problems, and discussed some of them at various times, with Israel's stance toward the 'territories' and the Palestinians. My opinion hasn't changed, but 'knowing' somebody (and considering them a friend) may change somebody elses opinion.

I take many of the attacks in Israel personally even though I am 'safe' in Cleveland Ohio.

I take it personally because I consider all of us to be one giant family, and I take as an attack on me if they attack my family. (Naturally I get a little more agressive if they are direct biological family.) I do have a small amount of biological family in Israel, but not much. I really a problem with how a person can justify attacking an innocent person. (I highly doubt that Jameel did anything to the Palestinians who attacked him.) Hopefully, something can be done to dissuade the Palestinians from this course of action. I fear for the lives of far to many people that have no real reason to be in any danger.

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