Thursday, November 17, 2005

Boy It's Chilly, Is That Brimstone I Smell?

Yes, the implication is that Hell has frozen over. Why?

Fatah Gunmen in Gaza Demand PA Reforms

That headline-for-a-link is currently residing on the front page of Arutz Sheva. I was checking it for additional information on the moving the Israel elections up about 8 months when that lovely headline in the scrolling headline section jump in to site.

The various 'protestors' are demanding to be included in the choosing of candidates for the upcoming elections for the Palestinian Authority and are demanding that genuine reforms be implemented. (They really don't say in the article what the protestors mean by that.) But they do say if there is not true democracy, they will get democracy by use of the guns.

Again I may not be able to say what they mean exactly, but I will say 'democracy by use of the guns' seems to be an oxymorons.

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